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Miller took an astronomy course in college.

But really, she just wanted to paint the universe, or what she imagined the universe looked like. 


Miller's Universe Series employs mixed media such as enamel, inks, and pigments on Plexiglas in experimental ways. The origins of this series were found partially in Voyager and partially in the wonder about space inherent in most of us.

N. Elizabeth Schlatter, Assistant Director and Assistant Curator, University of Richmond Museums wrote:

Miller uses enamel paint on Plexiglas to create incredibly smooth, glossy, abstract images.

Globular shapes and waves of color move across the picture plane as if in a cosmic dance.

Bursts of light provide loci of power, centers of radiation that effuse energy and reaction...Miller’s seamless surfaces act as windows into vibrant galaxies...yet her art is more fantastical than anything a scientist has seen.

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© 2020 Sandi Ritchie Miller

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